Next level machine payments

Gain full control over usage time and energy consumption of your devices

Innovative Tech

Latest Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) paired with established hardware.

Experienced Team

A team consisting of experienced members with years of experience in their fields.

Low Cost Devices

Low-cost hardware enables fast and effective integration into a wide range of applications.

Ahead Of Time

Our technology is ahead of the time. Open up new business fields and benefit from the advantage over your competitors.

The IOTA protocol and Espiota

IOTA’s Tangle technology is one of the most innovative technologies of our time.It’s distributed ledger provides a feeless and permissionless protocol for microtransactions and is perfectly suited to connect the machine economy and the human economy.

Together with Espiota, new possibilities for machine payments are opening up.





Gain full control over resources used by your guests. Enable micropayments for any of your devices and charge your guests for what they actually use.


Espiota enables new industrial business concepts. Automate machine payments according to consumption or other parameters, thus increasing efficiency.


In the rapid progress of digitalisation, Espiota offers an ideal solution to efficiently implement Smart City applications.



Equip your fleet of e-scooters with Espiota and charge them exactly according to your parameters.



Use the Espiota board to integrate custom solutions into your machine. The board enables versatile configuration options according to your needs.


Control the flow of electricity for each socket and charge for usage-time or consumption of electricity. Or equip your devices with an Espiota plug.

Espiota Protoyp_white_no


Connect  the Espiota box between your devices and the power supply. Let users scan the displayed QR code to send payments to the device.


You need a custom solution for your company or project? Contact us and we will develop the ideal concept together.

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