Next level machine payments

Gain full control over usage time and energy consumption of your devices

In the video above you can see a prototype presentation of the Espiota “Box” and Firmware. Currently we are working on the implementation on a large number of already existing hardware, which leads to an even better acceptance and usability of the Espiota firmware. Follow our latest development status on our blog and stay up to date.

Innovative Tech

Latest Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) paired with established hardware.

Experienced Team

A team consisting of experienced members with years of experience in their fields.

Low Cost Devices

Low-cost and already existing hardware enables fast and effective integration into a wide range of applications.

Ahead Of Time

Our technology is ahead of the time. Open up new business fields and benefit from the advantage over your competitors.

The IOTA protocol and Espiota

IOTA’s Tangle technology is one of the most innovative technologies of our time. It’s distributed ledger provides a feeless and permissionless protocol for microtransactions and is perfectly suited to connect the machine economy and the human economy.

These innovative approaches of IOTA Tangle technology, combined with the user-friendly application of our firmware, uses Espiota to offer a unique product.
The widespread use of DLT and cryptocurrencies has never been easier – thanks to Espiota.

Together with Espiota, new possibilities for machine payments are opening up.




Gain full control over resources used by your guests. Enable micropayments / access for any of your devices and charge your guests for what they actually use.


Espiota enables new industrial business concepts. Automate machine payments according to consumption or other parameters, thus increasing efficiency.


In the rapid progress of digitalisation, Espiota offers an ideal solution to efficiently implement Smart City applications – affordable and without much effort.


Equip your fleet of micro-mobilty units with Espiota and charge your customers exactly according to your parameters – transparency and customer satisfaction redefined.




The Espiota firmware already runs on a large number of electronic devices.
From smart switches and sockets to light switches, kettles and valves – the firmware can already be used in almost every area.

Thanks to cost-effective, compatible hardware, retrofitting with Espiota is inexpensive and easy to implement.


Control the flow of electricity for each socket and charge for usage-time or consumption of electricity. Or equip your devices with an Espiota plug.

Whether indoors or outdoors, whether privately or commercially – with Espiota, completely new applications and business use cases can be realized that were not possible until now.


With our backend platform we enable the professional use of Espiota.
Control a large number of devices and adjust the settings according to your needs.
Useful functions, which are constantly being developed further, ensure a customer- and userfriendly handling of your Espiota-devices.


You need a custom solution for your company or project? Contact us and we will develop the ideal concept together.

Our team of experts in the field of DLT and IOTA Tangle technology will find the right solution for your needs.

Need more information? Get in touch.


Espiota originated from the idea to make cryptocurrencies finally usable for the broad masses. Except for simple payment methods, where users transfer their values from one smartphone to another, there were no real applications. Of course there are several DIY projects that use a DLT to operate a coffee machine, for example. These projects are quite interesting – but they all share the same problem: a complicated change to the hardware is always necessary. Furthermore, these applications usually only run in combination with a Raspberry Pi or similar. Besides, these application examples are almost all product specific and not easily extendable to other products. Not to mention the usability.

We wanted a product that everyone can use. Without any programming knowledge etc.. We made this user-friendliness a priority in order to finally make cryptos usable beyond pure speculation. Ideally IOTA with its Tangle technology offers the ideal platform. The possibility of feeless microtransactions enables us to realize exactly this goal. In order to enable pay-per-use / pay-per-x applications, a means of payment is needed that can also process sums far below one cent. Fees are of course a big obstacle with such small units.

With Espiota, we offer a software and hardware solution that can be used in almost any area and by anyone. Completely new business applications can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. But also in the private environment there are countless application possibilities.

Payments, based on a DLT, free of charge and without middleman, directly to the account / wallet of the recipient, with full cost and usage control – a novelty in the field of Fintech / DLT.

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