Accommodation use case example

Hotels, apartment rentals, camping sites etc. – all these providers can benefit from Espiota and the feasible pay-per-use / pay-per-x applications.

One example: In warmer regions it happens again and again that apartment owners get enormously high electricity bills, because the air conditioning is running 24/7, even though most of the time there is nobody in the apartment.
Also the danger of other damages, e.g. by Bitcoin Mining, charging of e-mobility vehicles in commercial style etc. are quite real and occur again and again.

With Espiota and the IOTA technology you can protect yourself.
The consumption is exactly defined by the provider in advance and a price is set. If this consumption is exceeded, the customer has to pay again to use electricity. Misuse is thus prevented.

But other applications are also possible.
Suppliers can implement new price models by offering each electrical device separately – the customer only pays for what he really uses.

Accommodation use case example

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