Industry use case example

Pay-per-use / pay-per-x is also becoming increasingly popular in the industry.The trend is moving away from the purchase of individual devices to payment after actual use. With Espiota, this trend can also be realised in the industrial sector.Autonomous devices, e.g. an industrial cleaning robot / cleaning machine, can be controlled by Espiota and paid for […]

Accommodation use case example

Hotels, apartment rentals, camping sites etc. – all these providers can benefit from Espiota and the feasible pay-per-use / pay-per-x applications. One example: In warmer regions it happens again and again that apartment owners get enormously high electricity bills, because the air conditioning is running 24/7, even though most of the time there is nobody […]

E-Mobility use case example

Electric scooters and bicycles can be seen everywhere you look today. In almost every city, these micro-mobility vehicles shape the cityscape and gain, more and more popularity and acceptance. One problem is that there is an unmanageable number of suppliers with different price models.Vehicles equipped with Espiota could be used by everyone without having to […]

Outdoor Socket use case example

Smart Mobility and E-Mobility have been growing rapidly for several years.The cities are full of e-bikes, e-scooters and other micro-mobility vehicles.Further strong growth is expected in the coming years and we will see a significant change in the mobility of people, especially in large cities. One problem that all these vehicles share: they need to […]

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