Outdoor Socket use case example

Smart Mobility and E-Mobility have been growing rapidly for several years.
The cities are full of e-bikes, e-scooters and other micro-mobility vehicles.
Further strong growth is expected in the coming years and we will see a significant change in the mobility of people, especially in large cities.

One problem that all these vehicles share: they need to be charged.
At the moment, most people are planning their tours very far-sightedly in order to have enough battery capacity to successfully start their journey home.
However, this limits the freedom of e-mobility, although the exact opposite should be the case.
There is already a well-functioning network of charging stations for electric cars.
However, these are generally not suitable for these types of vehicles.

Want another example?
Imagine a restaurant, hotel or similar, which would like to install lighting for its guests on its outside surface a little away from the rest of the building. But the problem is that there is no electricity.
The neighbouring property has exactly this connection in the immediate vicinity.
Instead of having an expensive line laid, the operator could simply buy electricity from the neighbour as needed.
Just as much or for as long as he needs.

Espiota offers the ideal solution.
With the Espiota outdoor socket for e.g., any homeowner, restaurant owner, public institution, etc. can easily provide a charging port accessible to the public at no high cost and earn money at the same time.
As the operator of an Espiota outdoor socket, you have full control over consumption and costs.

Individual setting options allow you to react to changing market situations.
Installation is very easy and can be carried out at very low cost.
Existing outdoor sockets can be converted with Espiota in a few simple steps.

Outdoor Socket use case example

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